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Homework Guidelines

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Homework Policy



  • Homework should have a clear academic purpose, such as practice, checking for understanding, or applying knowledge or skills.
  • The task efficiently demonstrates student learning.
  • The task promotes ownership by offering choices and being personally relevant.
  • The task instills a sense of competence—the student can successfully complete it without help.
  • The task is enjoyable and interesting





Teacher (coach)

  • Assign homework that is relevant to classroom learning

  • Design assignments that meet the needs of individual students

  • Clearly communicate expectations

  • Review assignments and provide timely feedback

  • Assess effectiveness

Student (Player)

  •  Record homework and gather necessary materials

  • Complete and return on time

  • Ask for help when needed

  • When absent find out what has been missed

  • Put forth best effort

Caregiver (fans)

  •  Create a space and time for homework completion

  • Create a routine for your child

  •  Contact teacher when assistance is necessary

  •  Communicate family commitment to learning


The TJ homework guidelines for students grades 3-5 are a critical part of our school-wide effort to achieve the following goals:

 1.  An increase in students’ purposeful reading and analysis of fiction,  non-fiction, and informational texts across content areas.

 2.  Enhancing our students’ ability to clearly communicate their analysis/evaluation of fictional and informational texts through succinct, accurate, and high quality writing that uses textual evidence to support claims.

3.  Nightly independent practice of mathematical concepts and procedures learned in class.

4.  Clear and consistent homework expectations school-wide for students.


TJ Weekly Homework Calendar

The table below illustrates the highly structured new homework guidelines:








*Students will have math homework assigned every night, Mon-Thurs, that they have math class.  Math homework is to be independent practice of skills/concepts learned in class. 


Read for 20 minutes

Read for 20 Minutes

Read for 20 Minutes

Read for 20 Minutes

Read for 20 Minutes and Weekly Summary Due

Language Arts, Science & Social Studies

Newsela :Students will have a weekly Newsela Article assigned to them. This will include the multiple choice quiz. The open ended question and annotations will alternate weekly.

Articles will include Science, Social Studies, and current event topics.

Word Study


Weekly Word Study/ Vocabulary- Writing activities including stories, sentences, synonyms/antonyms.



Additional Guidelines:

●     No more than two assessments per day will be administered to students (a quiz is an assessment).

●     Additional long-term projects may be assigned throughout the year. Homework may be adjusted during this time.

●     Work not completed during class time may become homework.